English Language Learning Second Language Essay

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Language learning is not a product but a process, a live medium of communication. The Learner is not a passive recipient but a conscious producer. The students at Graduation level have already acquired proficiency in their mother tongue, and so they try to adopt the already gained insights to the Foreign Language they are learning. This leads to the Mother- tongue Influence on the second language. The common mistake committed by the students is, they take a sentence in English and an expression in their Mother-tongue; when both these elements are juxtaposed, it leads to ridiculous or imperfect expression. Hence the second language learner must be cautious to observe the difference between the two languages, either in expression or accent or tone or intonation. Generally English is considered and taught as a content subject, with an expectation of enabling the students to pass the Examination, which is getting fulfilled by the present methods of Teaching. The student starts to learn English at primary level, and passes through various levels such as secondary level, Intermediate level and comes to Graduation level. Throughout this period, the ultimate aim of the student is to learn a little grammar and some answers and to get through the examination.…show more content…
The status of the language in the society, or the positive or negative cultural images associated with the language .The attitudes of parents, elders, siblings and peer group greatly influence the learners attitude, the general learning atmosphere, the methods and techniques used in the classroom to help students with the language play a critical role in the Language Learning Process. The role of the mother tongue is also a crucial factor in helping the learner with the

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