Motherhood And Feminism Summary

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The book Iv chosen for my Book Review is entitled, Motherhood and Feminism written by Amber Kinser published on January 1, 2010. I chose this book to review because the title interested me in a topic that I find very important. Amber Kinser is a feminist writer and a mother of her own. How has feminism changed over time? What is the impact of motherhood on feminism? Should one ever feel compromised as being a feminist and a mother? These are some of the questions answered over the course of five chapters throughout this book. Motherhood and Feminism highlights women’s place they have in society as mothers and how feminism is related to motherhood. One major key point I found while reading this book is the author, Amber Kinser explains the growth…show more content…
She discusses the history in terms of the first, second, and third waves of feminism. When talking about feminisms first wave, it is about women fighting for the right to vote. It follows the fight for suffrage through the story of Lucy Burns who formed the National Women’s Party. The first wave talked about ignores contributions by women of color or less privileged women. The second wave was probably the most well known for feminist history. The issues of the second wave is known for women careers outside of their home, wage gaps, sex discrimination, and women representations, and fighting notions of motherhood. The third wave explained as having the stereotypes. The third wave is different than most feminist theories and is a response to the backlash of women after the second wave. Everyone has their own version of feminism and their own idea of what it is and thats what I like about how this author explains in detail of her own opinions, topics, and ideas of the way feminism, mothers, and women in general interact in America today.
Feminism relates and teaches us about the topic of our course, interpersonal communication in many ways. Feminist thought has become an important influence across many traditions of the communication theory. Feminism and women who are mothers or women in general, offers for studying and thinking about the topic of interpersonal relationships and how communication
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This had some very interesting, knowledgable parts, and filled in some understatements of the feminist movement's history, also how much that I didn't really know about how much motherhood is related to feminism not only over the past decades but, how it still is and will continue to be in the future. It talks much about these two topics relations and is for both all audiences that hasn't thought much about them or how important they really are. It's really accessible, short, and engaging. Also, was a great overview of the evolvements over the course of U.S. history. I take with me knowledge of these topics I didn't know before, also knowledge I now have of these important issues in the world
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