Motherhood Betty Rollin Analysis

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Before I begin my essay, I would like to state what I know to be true, in order to dispel the multiple lies and misconceptions contained in Betty Rollin’s “Motherhood: Who needs It?” I wish I knew the names of the sick individuals who decided to put this book in the curriculum, and the names of those who have supported this, because then I could tell them what I am about to tell you. Just as the magazine that contained Rollin’s essay was immediately defunct, (it ceased publication a year after Betty Rollin’s article was published) so should be “The Norton Reader”. I don’t need to read Betty Rollin’s “Motherhood: Who needs It?” to know that the idea’s contained in it are wrong, any more than I need to eat spaghetti to know that it has tomato sauce on it. Life without spaghetti (motherhood) would just be wrong, and if it were not for my mother, I would not be able to argue this very point before you. However, I kind of agree with the author in regards to over population. I believe that as for the population, we could do with a lot less people like Betty Rollin. In the multiple choice section of this test, there was a passage, from which, a quote from Teddy Roosevelt states: “Exactly as infinitely the happiest woman is she who has borne and brought up many healthy…show more content…
People may claim that motherhood has no rewards, brings no happiness, etc., but in the end the joy of a mother will be dependent on how hard they worked as a parent. Furthermore, the reward which mothers will receive will be much greater than that of any other career, because motherhood is not just one job, it is many, they are caretakers, they are housekeepers, they are “doctors” when their children are sick, they are teachers, they are “chefs”, and they are so much more. It is a job of love and devotion. Rollin can claim that motherhood is pointless, but I know that the worth of a mother is truly
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