Motherhood Gamble Research Paper

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Aiman Khalid Karen Quirarte ENGWR 301 Essay #1 Motherhood Gamble My mother sat me down and caressed my hand; I knew something was on her mind. She began by saying, “Being a mother is hard as it is, but being a widowed mother is an even harder task.” Her tone led me to believe that she was trying to confide in me about her role as a mother in my life. She went on to explain the circumstances and hardships she endured as a singular parent. In a way, she was subconsciously letting me know that her every move to raise me wasn’t necessarily ideal, which she later learned from experience. I understood her concern but I never sought her “errors” to stigmatize her as a bad mother, considering she didn’t have a handbook of guidelines on being…show more content…
On the other hand, in Two Kinds, the mother and daughter face a culture shock in which they both are unable to come to terms on how and for whom they should live their life for. These two mothers and daughters represent that every household is different and whether you do too much or too little as a mother, the outcome depends solely on how each individual copes with the given conditions. Taking in account the parenting methods used by the two mothers, it can be deduced that despite their approaches not being exemplary, their actions were provoked by economic strain, societal pressure, and simply testing the waters of parenthood. Claiming that these mothers are either good or bad role models is a subjective assertion because what might work for one person might not be ideal for another. In I stand Here Ironing, the mother and her daughter Emily are showcased to portray a relationship in which the mother’s role is compromised by financial and family support instability. Its effects cause gradual formation of issues that not only create a distance between them but also impairs Emily’s potential of blooming into a healthy young woman mentally and physically. When analyzing the beginning of the story, it can be
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