Motherhood In Barbara Kingsolver's The Bean Trees

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The definition of motherhood is “the state of being a mother.” Throughout the novel, The Bean Trees, written by Barbara Kingsolver, Taylor Greer learns the simple things about motherhood when a toddler, Turtle, is thrown in her car. Learning to raise the child brings up many tough decisions and obstacles, letting Tayor experience what love really is. Readers get to see everything Taylor does, reading through her eyes and getting to watch her mature into a young, independent individual. In the book, the storyline revolves around Taylor Greer’s growth, as she explores motherhood through love, maturity, and sacrifice.
At first, all Taylor wants in life is to drive away from home and avoid pregnancy. As soon as Taylor gets a car, she leaves everything
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Being a loving, protective mother, Taylor is afraid to leave Turtle with a stranger for long periods of time so decides to make a schedule with Lou Ann, her roommate. She also make payments to Lou Ann by making food every day when she gets home. By doing this, Taylor does not worry about leaving Turtle in a stranger’s hands and does not need to pay for a babysitter. In the text it says, “I cooked on weekends, and also on any weeknight that Lou Ann had kept Turtle. It would be a kind of payment.” (134) This shows Taylor would give up her only freetime just to know that Turtle is in safe hands. As her love and affection grows towards Turtle, Taylor would do anything to keep Turtle safe and starts becoming more organized with motherly schedules.
Starting out as a confused young lady, Taylor Greer matures into a loving individual that is not scared to take risks. Throughout the book, The Bean Trees, written by Barbra Kingsolver, readers get to see Taylor grow up through her eyes and narration. At first Taylor is unsure about what her life may look like but by the end of the story the reader gets to see Taylor with her new family in Tucson, Arizona and predict what may happen next. Without Turtle, Taylor will not get to experience motherhood and will never learn the true definition of love maturity, and
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