Motherhood In Linda Brent's The Life Of A Slave Girl

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Harriet Jacobs, referred to in the book as Linda Brent, was a strong, caring, Native American mother of two children Benny and Ellen. She wrote a book about her life as a slave and how she earned freedom for herself and her family. Throughout her book she also reveals countless examples of the limitations slavery can have on a mother. Her novel, also provides the readers a great amount of examples of how motherhood has been corrupted by slavery. A Moment is defined as “a very brief period of time” ( The specific moment that I had chose in the Incidence in The Life of a Slave Girl is “I feared that the sight of my children would be too much for my full heart; but I could not go out into the uncertain future without one last look.…show more content…
I kissed them slightly, and turned away” (Jacobs, 79). This is the moment that Linda Brent left her children, Ellen and Ben with her grandmother at her house to get away from Mr. Flint who was sexually abusing her. This moment can compare to the article that talks about motherhood and help readers understand what Harriet Jacobs message throughout the novel was about being a slave mother. The article Motherhood as Resistance in Harriet Jacobs’s Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl breaks down all the parts of Harriet Jacobs life that has to do with motherhood and also explains to the readers about what one of the outcomes is to being a slave which is “Enslaved women and their children could be separated at any time, and even if they belonged to the same owner, strict labor polices and plantation regulations severely limited the development of their relationships” (Li, 14). No matter who you are when the time comes you and your children will be separated from each other and possibly never see them again or at least for an extremely long time. Since slavery was a huge part of her life the moment that Linda left her children with her grandmother is when it all got real for her and she knew that she needed to protect
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