Motherhood Outline

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The Representation of Motherhood Outline

A. Introduction

• Feminism and the rights of women on the basis of equality of sexes
• Thesis Statement: A woman can become an empowered feminist through having a child, may it be biologically hers or not.

B. The Blind Side

• Michael Oher

- He moved from one foster home to another and sometimes he stayed with his friends because of his mother 's inattention due to crack-cocaine addiction (Collman, 2015).
- When he stayed in one of his acquaintances and applied to Briarcrest Christian School, the football coach saw that Oher has the potential (Collman, 2015).
- When Mrs. Tuohy and Her husband Sean met Oher, they took him into their home and eventually, adopted him as their son (Collman, 2015).

• Leigh Anne Tuohy

- Aside from being portrayed as a mother as tough as nails, Leigh Anne is the epitome of a strong woman who is not afraid to speak her mind (Entertainment, 2011).
- Leigh Ann took the homeless schooler Michael Oher, on her own will, out of the goodness of her heart (Entertainment, 2011).

• Families do not have to match

- Leigh Anne believes that as a mother, her children do not have to look like someone to love them (Peters, 2016).
- Mothers should love their adopted children as much as they love their biological children because there is really no difference in them.

• How the motherhood is represented in the movie

- A mother does not have to be a biological vessel to be considered as a parent.
- Anne Leigh
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