Analysis Of Motherhood

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The Representation of Motherhood Outline

A. Introduction

• Feminism and the rights of women on the basis of equality of sexes
• Thesis Statement: A woman can become an empowered feminist through having a child, may it be biologically hers or not.

B. The Blind Side

• Michael Oher

- He moved from one foster home to another and sometimes he stayed with his friends because of his mother 's inattention due to crack-cocaine addiction (Collman, 2015).
- When he stayed in one of his acquaintances and applied to Briarcrest Christian School, the football coach saw that Oher has the potential (Collman, 2015).
- When Mrs. Tuohy and Her husband Sean met Oher, they took him into their home and eventually, adopted him as their son (Collman, 2015).
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In fact, women stood by their men, and the men by their women, and they all stood by each other when life became tough (O 'Neill, 2015).

Feminism is evident because the men Spud and Drum adhered to the rules given by their female counterparts (O 'Neill, 2015).

• Lessons about motherhood in the movie:

- Mothers cannot always control their children. Than just doing what mothers say, children have their own choices to make (Holland, n.d.).
- Mothering is a team sport. Since motherhood is hard, mothers need all the help that they can get (Holland, n.d.).
- Mothers can sacrifice their everything, but it can never be enough. To give their own body is the ultimate illustration how far mothers are willing to help their children (Holland, n.d.).

D. Analysis for the two movies

- The very act of mothering makes mothers empowered feminists.
- The feminist call is about giving recognition that motherhood pars with other feminist issues, and it should not be downgraded.
- Mothers, just like feminist advocates, fight for political issues because they want their children to grow up in a safe
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