Motherhood In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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Published in 1818, Frankenstein is one of the most famous works of Mary Shelley and its origin is almost as mysterious and exciting as the novel itself. The book is telling a story about the monstrous and mortal consequences of male creation, arising from a rivalry between man's affinities to his family and surely to science as well. Recently, modern literary critics do not perceive the work of Shelley merely as a fictional creation, but primarily as a novel that reflects the author's personal experience and above all her ambivalence about motherhood. The concept of maternity brings the author fatal connotations, which are associated not only with death, but also with other feelings surrounded it. A famous American literary critic, Ellen…show more content…
She was a child of two of the most influential thinkers and philosophers of the time period, namely William Godwin and Mary Wollstonecraft. Her father was an esteemed novelist, journalist and philosopher, while her mother was very well known English advocate of women's rights, but at the same time a very influential writer. Her most famous manifesto A Vindication of the Right of Woman, was one of the major influences to her daughter Mary, later in her life. Mary Wollstonecraft died just eleven days after giving birth. She got a puerperal fever ( a common diseas at the time) and passed away leaving her new born child, Mary. Presumably, Wollstonecraft's left works have become last souvenirs to Mary Shelley, after the loss of her mother. In the first three years of her life, little Mary would become very attachted to her father, William. The feeling, at first, was indeed reciprocated. Godwin idolized his daughter, calling her “pretty little Mary” (Ty), and demonstrated evident favouritism for her over half-sister Fanny. Neither of William's girls received formal education in their premature life's period. Instead, Godwin conducted most of their education himself and "forced" Shelley to eventually expand a love for literature and creative writing. However, the bond between a child and his father was becoming weaker with the time. When Mary was 16 years old she fall in love with the older and married man, Percy Shelley and she decided to take a ride around the Europe with him. Unmarried couple came back from a trip and was immediately isolated in their local community, because of her pregnancy in their not legalized relationship. Not only the local society turned away from Mary, but also her father simply abandon her. After a tragic death of Percy's wife, who commited suicide, the couple decided to get married in 1816, and two years later both moved to Italy. Life, however, was preparing another trauma for
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