Personal Narrative Essay About Mother's Day

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Mother’s Day I must have been 5 when this short little incidence happened. I don’t remember the story at all but this is all my family has been telling me over and over for my whole entire life, people always laugh hearing this story so I thought why not share it with you today. My nanny, my sister Marie and I were at the flower’s store and we were buying flowers for mother’s day which was today. It was early, must have been 8 or 9 in the morning but it was already a bright and sunny day of spring. When I was five I had a strong attitude, and I was really stubborn. I was all excited because my dad had given me a few euros to spend it for a gift on mother’s day and I felt like a grown up because for me 10 euros seemed like 200 euros at the time. We were at the flower shop next to my house. We always went there to buy our flowers for special event. I was looking with interest at all the flowers in the shop.…show more content…
Her name was Celli and she was one of the sweetest nanny of all time. I loved her and even though we didn’t speak the same language, she was a great nanny. I used to love playing with her and we would always laugh. I was pointing at the red roses over there, there were beautiful and I thought it would make my mom extremely happy. “Celli I’ll take those and run to my mom alone to give it to her ok?” I said all joyfully. I often had way too many crazy ideas. This time, I felt like a grown up, I thought I could have just run off to my house by myself, which was a few minutes away, and give it to my mom so she could have amazed. I don’t think my nanny understand everything because she said ok. So without thinking I guess I just ran off grabbing the red roses on my way, without paying and started sprinting to my house. I don’t know what happened in my head, I think what I thought the money my dad gave me was to give to her as another present, at this moment I wasn’t realizing the
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