Mothers 'Roles In Ernest Hemingway's Leaving Gilead'

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Have we ever realized that war can make people act strange? In the novella leaving Gilead, Pat Carr expresses how war can be deceiving. Geneva has given the name mother a whole different meaning. Mothers are a big part in our world, they help us go through hard times that life throws at us. It is better to lose a parent thru death than it is through emotional abandonment. Even if mothers are sometimes rude or mean they do everything out of love for us because they care about us. Geneva lay in bed while her and Saranell have a conversation. "Well, well, so your father has finally had his fill of soldiering"(Carr 90). Saranell was so excited to go tell her mom that papa was home and then her mom just makes a smart comment back to her. Her mom is supposed to be happy to see her husband. As Saranell and Geneva are packing to go to Tyler, Texas or so Saranell thought. They actually were packing to go to Washington where all the generals were. "But no books. We don't have room for books" (Carr 99). It's kind of rude for her mother to say that she can't bring any of her books. Saranell loves to read but with her mother saying no she doesn't know what to do. Geneva is not being a…show more content…
Saranell had gone to pick flowers for Geneva. "Geneva didn't acknowledged the bouquet, however, and she ate the third if tasteless pancake without a comment." (Carr 116). It's awful how Geneva treats her little girl. If Geneva doesn't even acknowledge the flowers then how did Saranell feel about that. In the movie Up directed by Pete Doctor, Russel tries to help Mr. Fredrickson get around in life " I could help you cross the street! I could help you cross your yard. I could help you cross your... porch...? Well I gotta help you cross something"(up). Even if we don't know the person they are just trying to help. Just like how Saranell tried to help Geneva when she was sick and not feeling
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