Mothers Should Breastfeed In Public

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Breastfeeding is a wonder of nature and rightfully women should feel natural about breast feeding their children in public. Mothers most of the time would rather bottle feed their children than breastfeed because of the negative reactions that mothers receive in public for such an innocent act. Even with the fact of knowing that breastfeeding provides many nutritional values, defenses from infections, and benefits to the mother herself, many mothers shy away from the idea. In today’s society the subject of women breastfeeding in public is taboo. Mothers should breastfeed in public because it beneficial to society, the child, and the mother but, many would disagree that breastfeeding in public is too inappropriate.
One of the many reason’s why mothers should breastfeed their children in public is because a mother’s breast milk supplies their children with many varieties of nutrition that could help the child in present and future time. In the article written by Jennifer Shirtcliff, Susie de Jersey, Joy Anderson and the Breastfeeding Working Group Members, a mother is able to provide sufficient amounts of nutrition to her child through her breast milk (255). Her breast milk contains zinc,
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In the article written by J.M. Stolzer and Syed Afzal Hossain, they state “that women who breastfeed have lower rates of ovarian, breast, and endometrial cancers” (2). The longer the mother breastfeeds the child, there will be about a 25% decrease chance of getting breast cancer compared to women who fed their children with formula. Also, during lactation the mother is less likely to get hemorrhaging, uterine involution, post pregnancy weight loss, and her hormones change in a positive way. Her hormones cause her to have an increase of self-confidence, lowered anxiety, less depression, less mood swings and a larger chance of mother to child
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