Mother's Tongue By Amy Tan

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Many people face many different situations where they were not born in the United States and they have issue adapting to the English language. They tend to speak the way they can understand it. Sometimes with a little slang or like only using they English words they know. Many kids who were born in the U.S but their parents were not deal with this situation. In the novel Mother's Tongue by Amy Tan, she faces a situation where her mom only speaks "broken English" and she has ways of coping with it. Amy Tan faces a situation where she feels as if she speaks two English languages. Amy's mother speaks Chinese and alittle bit of English but only the way Amy speaks to her. Amy also communicates to her mother as well her husband in Broken English.…show more content…
But when Tan so spoke to the doctors they showed her respect and responded politely. That goes on to explain that the theme of the essay is how society will view your worth just on your knowledge of the English language. It is the big affect on what the English language can bring you in this world. She just proves that by the way she speaks to society and her family, by speaking "two different English languages". Tan explains the theme of her essay by writing in a certain style. She writes in a style where it's sort of read between the lines. She explain how her mothers language is different from her use of language and how it differs them from society. Her style is also shown by portraying a relationship between a Chinese-American mom and her daughter. It shows that the relationship sort of differs because the level of English language one has. Her style of writing is extremely effective because she able to discuss her theme. Her writing style is super neat and it gives the reader the ideal imagery of what she is saying . Sort of as if you can she a picture in your head of what she is writing. Her writing is really unique and like in a different form. Her form is like an essay that voices something you care to share. Her writing style is very affective on the
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