Motif Of Love Analysis

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The Motif Of Love Throughout The Years Of Poetry As the world evolves so does poetry, and with that the motif of love has also changed throughout the eras. Love is not as pure an internal as shown the Elizabethan Era, the Romantic Era proves to be fair with both internal and physical beauty admired, and now in the Modern Period love seems to be only admired by one’s physically beauty. Through the works of Ben Jonson’s’ “His Excuse For Loving”, William Shakespeare 's Sonnet 116: “ Let me not to the marriage of true minds”, Edgar Allan Poe’s “To Helen”, Christina Rossetti “ I loved you first; but afterwards your love”, Gary Lenhart “ Footprint on Your Heart”, Patrick Phillips “ Falling”, love is shown developing into something other than…show more content…
As the speaker mentions the many relationships he has in his lifetimes, they all were solely based on the woman 's look, and it suggests that in the this time period just looking at one 's appearance is what a relationship is built on. The irregular rhyme scheme adds to the disorientation the speaker feels after loving so many others based on their physical looks, and so they have never known what true love feels like. This physical infatuation is also mentioned in “Footprint on Your Heart” by Gary Lenhart. This poem express love through conceit of a winter storm, which adds to the significance many will face after realizing how someone 's physical beauty overtime will not always bring a beautiful snow storm in the end. This is proven in the poem when it is mentions: “ Someone will walk into your life,/ leave a footprint in your heart,/turn it into a mudroom cluttered,/.../ready yourself for rough exits.” (Lenhart, 1-3, 7). Overtime the speaker realizes the love they must have felt in the beginning which was indeed physical infatuation,and that type of love overtime will bring the great snowstorm of heartbreak. Throughout the 2000’s love proves to be solely based on the lust one has for another, and proves that falling in love in this era is just truly basing a relationship on physical
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