Motif Of Metadrama In Hamlet

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Hamlet by Shakespeare is a very difficult play to read, because of the tragic going on in the play. Shakespeare word his play differently than others because he make up words, like turning nouns to verbs, verbs to adjectives, and connecting words never use together. In Hamlet, there are several motifs created in hamlet to bring reality to the play. The one that people find difficult is motif of metadrama ( a play within a play). Motifs of metadrama in Hamlet can be described as revenge, identity, and self-reflection, because the devastating events in his life. Depress can be used to relate to describe the murder of his father, and his brother marrying his wife. In Act I scene ii Shakespeare took a play from “The Murder of Gonzago”, to demonstrate the intensity between his mother and him: “ “ Seem,” Madam ? Nay, it is - Nor customary suits of forced breath, - together with all forms, moods, shade of grief-”. Hamlet become down and ignores his mother when she worry about why his grief seem so important. He then later changes the subject but in some way she still stuck on the conversation trying to get a better understanding why he brush her off like that. By using the same play Shakespeare is constantly using the “ pause button” in Act II scene ii where Hamlet decides to use a play from “ The Murder of Gonzago” for speech he creating himself. “Run barefoot up and down, threatening the flames - who this had seen, with tongue in venom steeped -”, the first player is

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