Motifs In Creation Myths

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There are many creation myths that have the same motifs. Why do you think that there are so many motifs in these creation myths? Are the creation myths based on one belief possibly? Even though there is no clear truth on why these creation myths have many of the same myths, there are people that have predictions on why the myths have so many similarities. Concerning creation myths, there are three main motifs: the idea of humans being made from organic materials, the idea of only having one creator, and the idea of having humans being on earth for a purpose.
Humans made out of organic materials
Organic materials are an important part of creation myths. I think many creation myths have humans made out of organic materials as part of the story because the organic materials was the only thing on the earth to use to make humans. In the creation myths, the creators would have to find whatever they could to create humans. There was not many things on the earth to create humans with. That is why most of the creators had to use organic materials. Since there was clay, dirt, and mud all over the earth, the creators probably felt that if humans were made out of the organic material, then they
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I feel as if there are many stories that lead back to these myths and I think we will continue to use myths in stories. Out of the three motifs, I feel that the most important myth motif is humans being created out of organic material. The materials on earth are endless which makes the creators be able to make as many humans as they want. The creators could try with many different materials and could see which material made the better humans just like in the Mayan myth. Do you agree the humans being made of organic material are the most important
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