Motion Flux And Melody Forsell: Dance Analysis

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The two pieces that I chose from the performance of Motion Flux, were Coexist Coefficient choreographed by Natalie McIntrye, and Leech choreographed by Melody Forsell. These pieces stood out to me the most because of how they made me feel. The first dance brought a sense of wonder and inspiration as I observed a new beginning, however the second dance made me feel like I had lost something and it was completely out of reach. Both dances made me feel completely different things, which is why I chose to compare them. A lot of the dances were exciting or entertaining, but these two dances made me stop and think more about the deeper meaning. Since they were both so different, I found myself thinking about them separately. However, the more I compared them I realized how well both dances complimented each other in the end.
In Coexist Coefficient, it starts out with groups paired together. As the music began the first thing to catch my eye is how the pairs started to interact together. They moved around
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The black costumes were lace and almost seemed like what a widow would wear at a funeral, especially since there were pieces of lace in their hair. As the dancers moved around the stage, it seemed as if they were reaching for something that was far past their reach. The arabesques were often drawn out and they seemed to continually stretch upwards. Forsell put an interesting quote by Buddha in the program, it read “the root of suffering is attachment”. I think this quote speaks volumes when you compare it to the dance. The dancers would spring, balance still,, or simply travel across the stage in such a manner that seemed as if they were longing for something. Whatever it is that the dancers were longing for was clearly an attachment that they could never have, so the dancers were seen shrugging their shoulders or falling out of a sudden movement as if showing their

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