Motion Picture Industry Impact On Society

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The motion picture industry was developed in response to the introduction of the still camera and the development of the video camera. These factors technologically drove the motion picture industry to what it is today. Another contributing factor to the development of the motion picture industry is the economic impact it has on society. Technology has always been a driving factor throughout the history of time. It can be seen in early civilizations developing superior metals for their weapons as a means to conquer other societies. Additionally, the invention of the automobile allowed people to travel great distances in shorter periods of time. Both inventions progressed society as did the development of motion picture equipment. The art of storytelling has been around for thousands of years via word of mouth, drawing and/or painting, and now in motion pictures. The development of the still camera which exposes film to light to produce a momentary image initiated the idea of combining images to create motion. As video cameras progressed they became more compact, produced better images, and allowed longer run times. Later, sound was added not only to give actors voices but to include background noises and music. These aspects emphasize moments and intensify…show more content…
This development happened towards the end of the Great Depression when Americans were starting to get back on their feet at the start of World War II, creating an economic boom. Producers of motion pictures started to see the revenue films were bringing in unlike plays which needed the actors to preform every time and could only be seen at one place. On the other hand, films needed actors for one recording, could be mass produced, and distributed across the
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