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Motivation 3.0 Academic future In the book “Drive” by Daniel Pink he argues “carrots and sticks” don 't work, they may have worked before but fail in todays 21st century, he advocates businesses and companies should transition into motivation 3.0 autonomy, mastery and purpose because “carrots and sticks” can achieve the opposite of what they’re actually intended for. Motivation 3.0 can be fostered by “type I behavior” that is driven by internal rewards and is self-directed to becoming better at something. I am of two minds about Pinks claim of transitioning to motivation 3.0 on the one hand I agree that it would be more beneficial for companies and businesses on the other hand I am not sure it would work in every type of job considering that most common jobs in a small town like the one I live in are routine jobs, but I do believe that in the academic career it could bring success. The use of motivation 3.0 can be beneficial to students in the academic future. Pink explains the other…show more content…
Pinks theory of only engagement can produce mastery is extremely useful because it sheds light on the difficult problem that is people giving up when things get hard with out comprehending that mastery is pain, it involves working hard. mastery can be a asymptote line that you can see but never touch. I will Involve flow into the things I do, it will Allow me engage into classes, homework, projects etc “In flow people live so deeply in the moment. and feel so utterly in control, that their sense of time, place and even self melts away”(Pink113) Pink advocates the idea that when a person is in the mind state of “flow” it blocks everything else concentrating on the importance of what they are doing in that moment. If I am more conscious of what puts me in the state of mind of flow ill know that what to devote my time and dedication so I can master

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