Motivation And Motivation

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Explore the importance of motivation and intelligence to an individual’s success in life.
Motivation comes from within each individual. Everyone wants to be successful but to achieve success you must have self–determination and self - motivation. (Don L, 2016).
Achieving success can be difficult for people who are not motivation. Even motivated people will find success hard to reach as success can often take time. Therefore, obstacles and problems can come in the way of achieving specific goals and ultimately success. Motivation is needed throughout the journey to success in an individual’s life, from getting started to keeping motivated thoughout.
Continued motivation leads to success in all aspects of an individual’s life, whether it is academic,
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Learning a new skill does not mean that you will use it unless you are motivated to do so. Motivational patterns can be seen in any group of people. They are categorized by two opposing motives: a motive to seek success and a motive to avoid failure. Most people are motivated to achieve success and to achieve a feeling of pride and accomplishment while others are motivated to ensure they don’t fail and experience the shame and humiliation related to failure. Three interactive components determine student’s motivation. These are sociocultural, classroom environment and internal factors. Socioeconomical levels, parental educational levels and parental expectations can influence motivation and behavior. Classroom environmental factor such as types of assignments given, instructor behavior and instructional methods also influence student motivation. Students’ goals, beliefs, feelings and perceptions determine their motivated behavior and academic performance and success. (Dembo and Seli,…show more content…
This means the rest is developed by learning and the environment.” French geneticist, Albert Jacquard. He also believes that one can surpass the potential intelligence inherited if there exists a favorable climate for learning and the person truly desires to improve the capacity for learning.
First – generation and ethnic minority students have a more difficult time adjusting to college than second or third – generation college student. Successful transition to college is related to the quality of classroom life. Motivation and achievement is greater when instructors communicate high expectations for success by providing challenging rather than easy assignments. (Ratcliff, 1995). Intelligence is “The ability to learn or understand things or to deal with new or difficult situations” (Merriam – We have a tendency to believe that having a high IQ guarantees success in life. Perhaps this is because we believe some of the most successful people in different fields such as; science, art, business, and entertainment are extremely bright. There are many studies by psychologists to investigate if an individuals’ IQ influences their ability to function in multiple life domains such as social skills and mental stability. (Cherry,
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