Motivation In Ayn Rand's Anthem, Equality 7-2521

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In Ayn Rand’s novella Anthem, Equality 7-2521 rediscovers electricity. In the collectivist society Equality lives in, it is illegal to conduct such experiments. Knowing his transgressions, what is his motivation for his experiments? Is he right to be motivated in that way? How would the world change if everyone was motivated as Equality was? What is Equality’s primary motivation for his experiments? Equality realizes his invention will benefit humanity immensely, but that is not his true reason for harnessing the “power of the sky” (53). The real reason for experimenting was his curiosity of the world surrounding him. “We wished to know about all the things which make the world around us,” this shows Equality’s eternal thirst for knowledge…show more content…
Equality is right to be motivated by curiosity. Yearning for the answers to his constant questions are what motivates his creativity and discovery. The constant curiosity is what leads him to dissect animals, melt metals, mix acids, and rediscover electricity. His individuality motivates him to do what he wants even though it is not allowed by society. He knows that he is quicker minded than the rest of his brothers, “It was not that the learning was too hard…. the learning was too easy” (21). Thus, he is trying to achieve his full potential as an individual after being suppressed for so long. Furthermore, he wants to be recognized by the House of Scholars and join them in scientific discovery. He has always wanted to join the House of Scholars and discover the world around him, “We think there are mysteries in the sky…water...plants… We loved the science of things,” Now, being assigned as a street sweeper, he is not satisfied with the job he has been given, and Equality is looking for other creative outlets to express himself. Having been part of the great WE for so long, he starts feeling the need to do his own thing. His scientific endeavors bring him joy therefore, he continues doing so. If he did not have these motivations, he would still have been like everyone else and followed society like they were supposed
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