Motivation In Life: Modiction In My Pursuit Of Happiness

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What motivates me in Life is my never ending conquest in my pursuit of happiness.From a young age I was a quiet child my family was not perfect, my mother and father had problems which could never be resolved,The atmosphere at home was foggy, it was a dark cloud looming over every ones heads for years.I often feel bad for my brother he was the first born the oldest in the family he had more experience with my dysfunctional family than any of my siblings he 'd experience it all,a cold distant father and a mother who wrapped him in a wool blanket to protect him from the reality of the family,to save him from the psychological torture my mother had endured but it just wasn 't enough he 'd soon in his life suffer from depression a battle that plagued him for years to come.Thankfully my parents are split which was for the better and soon the atmosphere had went from foggy to a nice warm summer day,slowly but surely everybody got better the family was no longer dysfunctional and the family was finally at a place where everybody could prosper and achieve happiness although I realise some might not have fully found it yet.But that is where I found my motivation my internal pull to happiness whatever I did in life whatever struggle or battle I 'd find an area between misery and enlightenment a perfect corner where I could prosper.But when I first started chasing this using this as a motivation for everything I realised nobody is happy all the time,but that 's where the beauty comes

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