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In construction project management, there is a broad scope of areas where motivation research is applied. Most of the research that was developed is focusing mainly on work motivation, how project manager can motivate the project team, or how motivation important for project success (Seiler et al., 2012; Dwivedula & Bredillet, 2010). Over the past fifty years, there were numerous surveys that concentrated on how the employees can be motivated in their job. Those surveys concerned on how managers can increase their team members ' motivation (Schmid & Adams, 2008). Successful project management does not only depend on working within predefined project management constructs and techniques but also depend on the characteristic of the project manager…show more content…
They were conducted among more than 500 information technology project managers and team members. They showed that project’s failure can be cause by the absence of motivation. Zakeri, et al. (1997) presented that success in overcoming difficulties and achieving good productivity in the Iranian construction industry is possible by increasing managerial awareness towards motivation.
However, literature showed a few studies that presented results on the project manager motivation. For example, Seiler et al., (2012) presented an integrated model of motivators for project managers. They focused on relevant motivators for project managers in Switzerland. Dwivedula & Bredillet, (2010) concentrated in variables such as alignment of the individual organizational goals, employee empowerment, and communication to define work motivation along with nature of work
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Increasing the project managers ' motivation has a major influence on increasing the project success rate and productivity. Currently, no studies were shown to investigate the construction project manager’s motivation in Jordan. Where construction sector in is project based and typically country 's most important asset economically and socially (Rose and Manley, 2011). Therefore, this study aims at evaluate the factors that are influencing the construction project manager’s motivation in Jordan. This study also investigate the influence of both the characteristics of the project manager and the characteristic of the project on the motivational dimensions. The main question should be answered is ‘what are the main important motivational dimensions for obtaining successfull construction project managers in

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