Motivation In Second Language Classroom

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The tradition of English teaching has been drastically changed with the remarkable entry of technology. Technology provides so many options as making teaching and learning process interesting and also making teaching more productive in terms of improvements. With the rapid development of science and technology the emerging new trends of technologies play a vital role in the Second Language classroom to enhance motivation of students. Numerous studies have shown that motivation is positively linked to the success in learning English language or any other second language. There is nothing permanent except change says Heraclites, the pre Aristotelian Greek philosopher. Change is the law of nature. This law can be seen in the modern classrooms…show more content…
Motivation plays a major role in sustaining the interest to learn any language and it has been strongly accepted by the teachers and the researchers as one of the key factors to enhance the learner’s performance. Motivation is the key to academic success as well as promoting lifelong learning.(Sanacore,2008) Motivation provides the primary impetus to initiate learning English language and later the driving force to sustain the long and often tedious learning process (Locke, E. 1996). Motivation can be identified as a vital factor which influences directly to the low-proficiency level of the language learners. Integrating innovative technology in the second language classroom can be considered as an important way of enhancing the learner motivation towards language learning successfully and interestingly. In the ever changing world, the technology has come to the forefront of education. Technology and the teacher motivation have positive effects on student motivation. (Atkinson, 2000) .In every classroom the reluctant students can be seen. I was motivated do this research when I encountered the problem of lack of motivation of students towards learning English as a second language. They do not complete their assignments, task on time and they are not interested to learn the language. When integrating novel technological tools (PowerPoint presentation slides, audios and videos…) with teaching learning…show more content…
But the blending of innovative technological tools with the process of teaching English language as a second language enhance the motivation of the students to learn the language effectively. In the modern world, students closely grow up with different digital landscapes where they get inspired and motivated through innovative technological tools. With the advancement of today’s technology, many audio and visual aids can be used as motivation tools in order to raise the interest of the ESL (English as a second Language ).Web pages, Blogging ,Web quest, video and audio podcast, Apps enhance students’ motivation than traditional means of teaching. Online tools that promote content creation among students, such as videos, audio podcasts, and webpages are more effective strategies than traditional methods. (Miller, 2009) The purpose of this study is to examine the impact of motivation factor when applying innovative technology in teaching English as a second language. “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” Motivating students is a little like that. It involves not only leading them to English, but also making them thirsty for knowledge and understanding of English. As a language learning, English learning has its own characteristics that need the learners remember more,

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