Motivation In Foreign Language Classroom

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The aim of this article is to search literature of motivation in second language learning and the ways teachers can motivate their students and keep it on them.The paper will study prominent theories about motivation, and the role of teachers in motivating students. At the end some suitable strategies will be introduced for teachers use in the classroom.
Motivation has a significant duty in mastering the second language learning while it is a complex task to apply. strong motivation will ease the tough path of learning. Motivating learners to build a successful way of learning is a hard work. Many students will loose their motivation if they face a difficulty in learning process, this paper offers some helpful strategies specially
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Creating the Basic Motivational Conditions
It is really important that initially ,teachers should take some conditions into consideration.
1)They argued that teachers’ behavior is a powerful tool of motivation in classroom. It is argued that teachers’ behavior can influence the students’ engagement in class. Therefore, it is crucial to establish a class atmosphere of mutual trust and respect with the learners. they care about their students’ personal issues or challenges that they face in the classroom or even outside. therefore, if students recognize their teacher’s enthusiasm to the task, they, too, will be enthusiastic.
2)Another motivational condition is classroom atmosphere. Students’ anxiety is one of the most recognized factors that undermine learning effectiveness and second language motivation.
3)The third basic condition is concerned with creating a cohesive learner group with convenient group norms. Cohesiveness among learners has an influential motivational impact on learning. Uncooperative groups can have ineffective results in learning.
Generating Students’
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One way to maintain motivation is to make the learning experience enjoyable and stimulating.
For instance, teachers can make teaching more interesting through changing their teaching styles, presentations, different materials, and learning tasks. Interesting tasks have been viewed as one of the greatest components of motivation.
Learners’ self-esteem and confidence play key roles in maintaining motivation. Learners will not be able to progress if they have any doubts about their abilities.
Teachers can promote learners’ self-confidence in different ways. For example, they can focus on the positive aspects of their learners by showing their learners what they can do rather than what they cannot and by giving them a chance to make a useful contribution in

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