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Chapter 5: Conclusion and Recommendation
5.1. Introduction:
This is the final chapter of the dissertation, where conclusion and recommendation of the entire research work have been presented. The research findings have been linked with the research objectives. The entire research work shows that there is direct impact of socio-economic status and consumer motivation on spa experience in the case study of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
5.2. Linking with objectives:
• Analyzing the trends in the Spa industry in the world and in Riyadh Saudi Arabia.
The primary research work in the dissertations reveals that health and tourism factors are directly related with wellness and fitness industry. The socio-economic impact has direct association with the spa
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The spa industry has evolved its image as contributor of wellbeing and fitness. The lifestyle patterns of consumers are moving towards health and wellbeing and fitness awareness. Thus, the youngsters are encouraged to visit the spa centres in order to maintain their good health and fitness. In addition to this reason, the tourism and travel industry is also motivated to include spa centres in the hotels and also include it within the hospitality industry so as to enhance travelling experience of the consumers. The aspect of repeat purchase is encouraged in this industry. For this reason, the follow of business is maintained in this industry. This is the main motivational factor for the industry and as well as for its stakeholders. Further the rise in the stressful life in the capital cities like Riyadh has lead people to find out for such solutions where they can effectively undertake stress…show more content…
The demand and interest is rising among the consumers, due to which the industry is having huge amount of prospects in the future. The consumers are moving towards the lifestyle that promote wellbeing and fitness. Moreover, they are also focusing to get relaxation from their workload and return with fresh mind in their work so that their contribution towards work increases, with increase in their overall productivity (Hoyer, et al. 2012). For this purpose, the business of spa industry has increased, as it claims to provide ultimate experience for the customers and provide refreshment and enjoyment to the consumers. Thus, the travel and tourism industry of Saudi Arabia has focused upon the wellness and fitness industry and invested in spa centres so as to enhance the experiences of the international travellers in the country. This would enable the travel and tourism industry to enhance the experiences of the consumers and improve the quality of hospitality services. The youngsters are the main consumer segment in the spa centres and they tend to concentrate on fitness and wellbeing. Moreover, the amount of refreshment and relaxation gained after

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