Motivation In Workplace

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The first few weeks are the most exciting since new employees do not know what their new employers are throwing out at them. They also tend to be most incisive in this time period because they’re new to the team. However, this enthusiasm does not last for new team members; most employers often don’t realize they hinder their new employee’s motivation. Consequently, by one’s nature it is expected to be excited about starting a new job. Nonetheless, most employees are not happy where they’re at after meeting the real company they work for. This usually happens when they see poor leadership skills, experience unrealistic workloads, and begin to feel under-valued. These are examples of the reasons why depleting motivation in the workforce is a…show more content…
What people usually see the clearest are the imperfections. When there are poor leadership skills it makes it really hard for the workplace to perform at its full potential. It is important to have examples of good leadership, when there is an absent presence of management it harms the team drastically. For example, when a manager is trying to be friends with his or her employees this creates a wall between professional and personal treatment. When this happens, the workplace can get very un-professional and employees start to do as they please. These situations are then difficult to resolve because management is not taken seriously. Instead of creating an expectation of respect towards management, the barrier between professionalism and friendliness comes down and respect is lost. The solution sometimes results in letting the employees who don’t respect management go. This action shows other employees that they are serious now and are ready to work in a professional workplace. However, this is what management would do if it was at its last extent, because then they would have to hire more employees and start over but this time around management would have to make sure they don’t make the same mistakes and keep their relationships…show more content…
Making employees feel under-valued is a big problem that occurs. This is because employers are now taking employees for granted. For example, feeling underappreciated for any extra work the new employer may put in. These employees may be going above and beyond what they initially signed up for, by their own accord or by orders from management. However, management take them for granted because they lack appreciation and acknowledgement for this work. This is the most common reason a person leaves their current workplace to join another. Management can fix this with a very simple method: employers should just take a small part of their day and recognize and thank their employees for what they do. This always leads to happy employees who are acknowledged for what they are doing right. By doing so, employees grow stronger and grow in their workplace which in return makes the whole team
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