Motivation Influence On Second Language Acquisition

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Second Language Acquisition and Second Language Learning

I am interested in:

1. The role of motivation in SLA
2. The acquisition of English phonology, grammar, and punctuation
3. How to use L1 effectively in second language learning
4. SLA and Technology

This field is interesting to me because I work as an English language instructor in the University. I teach English to nearly 150 students every academic year. As this field is directly related to my profession, I want to do research in SLA.

Key Research Questions:

1. How can motivation influence on learners’ language proficiency?
2. Should first language be used in teaching a second language?
3. How to teach grammar and punctuation so learners do not mix it with L1?
4. How modern technology can raise learners’ interest
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In some countries, English is required along with diploma and relevant work experience.

Many people want to learn a second language; however, not everyone can learn it as it is a long and complex process. Some factors that influence on second language acquisition are:

1. Family situation. The home and the parents can impact on students’ performance and academic achievements. Students whose parents are educated or do not have financial problems have more chances to learn a second language from their childhood. They begin learning the language from kindergarten, and later develop their language skills at schools/colleges. Financial and emotional difficulties can be a great obstacle for second language learners. 2. Personality. In second language acquisition, personality and character of students are also important. If students realize the importance of the language for their future career, they begin learning the language regardless of age, financial problems, and other external factors.

3. Literacy. If students are literate in their native language, it will help them in learning

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