Motivation-Key Factors In English Learning

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Motivation-Key factor in my English learning Learning a second language, in general, and learning English, in particular, is a prolonged process. Learners almost have to experience through some basic stages. In each stage, it is believed that there are many factors which have influence on our acquiring ability. When analyzing factors in this field, we usually separate them into two kinds. The first one is internal motivation that consists of age, experience, personality and motivation. The other is external motivation containing culture and status, instruction, curriculum and motivation. As far as I am concerned, depending on my practical experience, I believe that age and motivation are remarkable factors that contribute positively on second language learning. At each age, the cognitive ability is really diverse; thus, age is the factor that decides what and how to learn in second language learning process of a person. The illustrated demonstration is the difference in expertise that we achieve in different periods. To be specific, when I was at primary or secondary school, I just studied something simple and my learning method mostly was learning by heart. Despite the fact that I could memorize quite quickly, it was just imitating. However, when I really engaged in English at high school, with my increased cognitive ability as well as life experience, I could understand what I was taught and even abstract conceptions that appeared in my English learning process;
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