Apple Company's Practices: Motivation Factor Model

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2.1 Analysis of company’s practices MOTIVATION FACTOR MODEL Motivation can be described as the force “that gives impetus to our behavior by arousing, sustaining, and directing it toward the attainment of goals”. The inference which can be drawn from the model is that motivation depends on various external, individual and organizational factors. Moreover, the model makes clear that both incentives and threat are only part of the whole process. For example, Apple, which is considered the most innovation and admired company in the world, attract the employees to retain in owing to the benefits, or expected and non-performance related incentives such as product discounts or insurances. Since the innovative organizations like Apple it is argued…show more content…
These incentives might also be more effective and cheaper accordingly. For example, Apple’s employees received a free iPod Shuffle or iPhone as a thank you for their achievements. AUTOCRATIC LEADERSHIP STYLES Apple Company has embraced a total reward system that incorporates both financial and non-financial incentives. This is exactly what has given Apple success and has been proven to be effective. Apple’s employees might even be motivated by Steven Job’s autocratic leadership style, as the positive aspects of working for the company out-weight the negative aspect of being threatened. This is crucial because otherwise they might “engage in defense routines” designed to protect themselves and their colleagues”, which could decrease motivation accordingly. However, despite the effort spend to motivate employees, it is vital to bear in mind that “sometimes, no matter what a leader does, employees are dissatisfied with their jobs, attain or exceed their work goals, and perform at a high level without a leader’s exerting much influence at…show more content…
This has shown the great leadership of the Apple Company’s management in terms of always keep improving their products to make their customers to stay with it. Furthermore, there are certain exit barriers will also affect the degree of rivalry in the industry. The exit barriers refer to how hard or easy competitors can quit the industry. High exit barriers may cause the degree of rivalry increase. The exit barriers for the technology industry is quite low because most of the electrical shop’s expenditure are on fixing machines, employee’s training fees, rental fees, and other running cost only. It means that the rivalry will decrease. Apple Company has the strength because if the performance of Apple is good, even though the industry is facing losses, Apple can still survive in the industry and since the competitors who facing losses will choose to quit the industry, Apple is able to generate more market shares. The strong brand identity and the innovation is the result of how strong the leadership of Apple so that it able to sustain and survive in the market with good

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