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Adidas ' Motivation : sports has the ability to changes lives. We are persuaded that game is and will stay vital to each culture and each general public. It is centre to wellbeing for an expanding number of individuals around the globe. The significance of game, notwithstanding, goes a long ways past that: We completely trust that game has the ability to change lives. Game is consequently our exceptionally reason. All that we do is established in game. Furthermore, we additionally interpret our capability in game into streetwear and form since game is likewise a state of mind and a way of life. Group Strategy : The Adidas Group strives to be the global leader in the sporting good industry with brands built upon a passion for sports and a sporting lifestyle. The Adidas Group endeavours to rouse and empower individuals to saddle the force of game in their lives. Game is our exceptionally reason. Propelled by their legacy, they realize that a significant comprehension of the purchaser and their trip in game is basic to accomplishing this objective. To suspect and react to their requirements, they consistently endeavour to make a culture of advancement and innovativeness. Through their arrangement of real games brands, they bridle this culture and push the limits of items, administrations and procedures to drive mark covet. This, thusly, will drive esteem creation for their organization and our shareholders. We fill our motivation with life through the accompanying

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