Motivation Of Motivation For Samsung

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Samsung group is a South Korean multinational public limited company. Samsung was founded by Lee Byung- chul on 1st of March 1938. It comprises numerous affiliated business. Today this largest Korean conglomerate company is led by Jong- Ky un Shin as the CEO with around 4,89,000 employees under him. Samsung has seeked success in whatever it has done which is why today it has a revenue of 174 billion USD.
Motivational Strategy used by Samsung
Samsung has been growing rapidly for the last ten years and refuses to stop. Like any other company, Samsung too wanted to be successful. As we all know that employees are a company’s greatest asset, Samsung took the initiative to motivate its workers in order to achieve their goal. High productivity in a business usually comes from a workforce that is motivated to put their best work forward effectively which leads to increased profits. Motivation is a set of forces that initiates, directs and makes people persist in their efforts to accomplish a goal. The managers of Samsung group realized that the workers in their company need to really enjoy their work, not get bored and love working for the company.
There are many theories of motivation and one of them is McClelland’s Learned Needs Theory. Samsung applied this theory to motivate its workers to stand up to their mission and vision. This theory of McClelland is based around the idea that people or workers for that matter are motivated by different needs and motives in different

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