Motivation Of Students In Learning English

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Motivation of Students in Learning English.
Nowadays, English language has become an international language all over the world. Therefore, it is crucial for students to master the global language and to catch up with the recent trends. For effective communication, there is a need to achieve language proficiency. However, the ability to use English fluently of Vietnamese students is lower than that of students in others countries in the area. To improve the standard level of students in mastering English, many schools and universities have been using English as a requirement course, in other to training student for standard proficiency. There are many factors those influence students in learning English. One of them is motivation. According to Long, Ming and Chen (2013), learners’ motivation plays a crucial part in learning English. Likewise, Gardner (1985) also pointed out that motivation in language learning is particular importance, which has a direct effect on language achievement. To achieve using English fluently, student must find out their motivation, which is one of the most important factors that impulse to learn English. In this paper, I wish to discover which motivational factors that had a great role in learning English language and which extend motivation affect students in learning English. I also want to learn about what teachers can do to enhancing learners’ motivation in acquiring English.

Ahmed, M., Aftab, M., & Yaqoob, H.
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