Motivational Criticism In The Workplace

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environment inspiration, particularly since not every person encounters inspiration similarly. Superiors need to know which factors affect worker inspiration, however there may not by any means be the only ones who need to think about this essential theme. Getting execution input is basic to a workers inspiration. At the point when individuals complete a great job, it's imperative to tell them that their endeavors were seen and acknowledged. Managers should be particular in their criticism, letting workers know precisely what they did especially well and how they were particularly useful “Constructive criticism is a valuable tool in the workplace that allows individuals to learn and grow. But quite often people don't realize what a great resource it can be. The truth is, feedback and criticism can…show more content…
As a society, we need to continue to encourage people to go beyond stereotypes and recognize the contributions that each individual, male or female, can make to the workplace and to relationships at home (Anonymous., N.D. p.1).” This was a solution given by the school of Harvard University after they conducted a study and gave findings in the article entitled, “Gender Inequality and Women in the Workplace.” Women face many inequalities in the workplace, even today. In a study conducted by, The Guardian magazine, they found the following “We investigated our own global network and found a healthy number of women in senior roles – 40% at head of and director level. However, the story changes at board level: only 24% of our executive board members are women” (Pattison, L., 2016. p.1). So based on the study women have a harder time getting a job let alone acquiring a job with a higher position of power and pay. As a matter of fact, “Only 12% of board seats globally are held by women and just 4% are CEOs leading the world’s 500 top
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