Motivational Factors In English Learning

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The highest motivational item is apparently the item number 8, resulted in 85.4 %. This number 8 of motivational factor, which means the highest students’ motivation for learning English, deals with the motivation in English learning due to it is an assigned subject. It is followed by the second highest, resulted in 77.8 % which belongs to motivational factor number 6 that deals with the motivation in English learning because of exams.
Meanwhile, the lowest motivational item, resulted in 37.8%, was found in the motivational item number 4, which deals with students’ motivation for learning English is due to it enables the students to broaden their view. Similar with the highest motivational item chosen, there is the second lowest motivational
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This confirmed the motivational factor number 8, the most agreed among all other factors. Secondly, they learn English because of exams confirmed by the motivational factor number 6. In overall context, none of the students take this as neither a challenge nor a burden. This may mean that grades are not their concern. Thirdly, despite the extrinsic pressure listed above, the interviewed students basically agreed that learning English will be useful in the future because of many things available in English language, like the games they play and movies, or even to explain Angklung to…show more content…
As to emphasize this, functions that English serve in Indonesia which may be reasons as motivational aspect for Indonesian learners to learn the English language may be are related with the different motivation that the students have in English learning. Hence, this may result in different learning outcomes in general and different academic performances and achievements in particular, as argued by York, Gibson, and Rankin (2015) about academic achievements and success academically.
The following transcribed interview aims for providing evidence supporting the finding on how the exams factor affect students’ interest for learning English which may be related with the previous discussion about the motivational factor of English as assigned subject, that this factor may affect students’ interest for learning English.
It is from the data of interview guide number 3 that ask students about their motivation for learning English, and number 4 that ask about students’ perceptions on learning English at school. These questions were asked with the intended purpose for uncovering students’ motivation for learning
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