Motivational Factors In Sports Essay

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Sports have become an important part of everyday life and its popularity is still increasing all over the world. In terms of Sports marketing, it is very important for marketers to understand the motivational factors of the supporters, who are visiting the events. Different theorists use different words and rankings for these motivational factors. According to Wann (1995), these can be covered by the following categories: need for escaping from everyday life, self-esteem benefits, eustress, entertainment, economic factors, aesthetic motivation and qualities, needs for affiliation and family needs.

Wann (1995) also proposed more differences between these motives. For instance, he reflected on differences in sport fan motivation based on genders.
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(Branscombe & Wann, 1994; Sloan, 1989). It encourages the fans, because it gives them the feeling of accomplishment and achievement every time, when their favourite player or team wins or succeeds. Based on this factor, supporters also feel the need to become more connected with a successful team or athlete and looking for the opportunity to increase association with them (Cialdini et al, 1976). The self-esteem benefits of being a sport fan are not coming from the success of the supported team, rather than from personal feelings of identification and belongingness. Sport fans driven by this motivational factor are using their association to a successful team or player to build up and sustain a positive self-concept. (Branscombe&Wann,…show more content…
The less likely sports to increase self-image of the fans were individual sports like gymnastics or figure skating. Time is also a relevant factor in terms of identifying and attaching to an individual athlete or a team. People can follow and support a club during their whole life and it gives them the opportunity to build up a very high level of identification. Meanwhile the elite individuals can only compete for 10-12 years on top level and that also makes them less likely to follow for self-image enhancing
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