Motivational Improvement Program

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Motivational Improvement Program Organizational efficiency and effectiveness is a necessity as organizations seek to secure their competitive advantage in a global marketplace. As a result, organizations seek ways to improve their products and services and reduce cost. The biggest asset and investment for any organization is human capital, employees. Organizations realize the quality of their products and services depends on their employees ' productivity and performance; therefore, organizations must find ways to motivate their employees. Consequently, they search for and apply research on motivational theories and/or models to help motivate employees. The purpose of this paper to create a motivational improvement program for the Lucas…show more content…
In order to address, the issues with Lucas Organization a consultant firm such as poor performance, declining job satisfaction, low productivity, customer complaints, worker conflicts, employee complaints with supervision, and lack of employee morale required a comprehensive approach that included leadership and employees and acknowledge the importance of emotions in the workplace. Therefore, the decision was made to apply the principles of positive psychology and emotional intelligence training to increase intrinsic motivation and since such as issues a salary and benefits were not problematic at this point. However, the principles of positive psychology and emotional intelligence with help with both extrinsic and intrinsic motivation should motivational factors shift over…show more content…
By providing individuals and the organization with the necessary motivational tools to effectively problem-solve, improve the decision-making process, manage stress, improve group dynamics, enhance creativity, build strong relationships, provide effective leadership, and positively manage emotions to improve working conditions, job performance, increasing job satisfaction, enhancing and developing positive work relationships, and improving general well-being (Boss & Sims, Jr., 2008; Cartwright & Pappas, 2008; Clarke, 2006; Froman, 2009; Hunter, 2012; Jeffries, 2011; Khalili, 2012; Linley, Govindji, & West, 2007; Money, Hilenbrand, & da Camara, 2008; Parker, Bindl, & Strauss, 2010; Slaski, & Cartwright, 2003; Tesone, 2005; Welch, Grossaint, Reid, & Walker, 2014; Zeidner, Matthews, & Roberts,
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