Employee Motivation

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Remuneration is the only real motivator in today’s workplace

Motivation is an important element in increasing work efficiency Motivating employee is always the important and essential task for the management. Having a well motivated employee definitely has the advantage for the business. However, it is not a simple task to keep every single one in the workplace motivated. Since 1930s, many considerable research and study has been done to understand what and how to motivate employee to bring up their efficiency in work. Today’s workplace has been very different from the past. Evolution of the technology and internet has brought us to the age of knowledge. Within minutes, people enable to download tons of different information from the internet.
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Maslow stated that people are motivated to achieve a specific goal. When the goal is met a person will seek to achieve the next goal. Maslow also state that everyone has five different level of needs and people have the tendency to fulfill the lower one before going for the higher level of needs. However, it is not necessary for one to fully fulfill the lower level needs before moving to the higher one. The five needs are the physiological needs, safety needs, belongingness needs, self esteem and self actualization. (Maslow). Kellogg motivate their employee according to Maslow hierarchy of needs. First they offer competitive remuneration and flexible benefit program to ensure their worker able to meet the basic needs. Second, Kellogg ensure that they provide a safe and healthy work environment for their staffs. Third, Kellogg organize “huddles” weekly to enhances their worker sense of belonging. Last, employees of Kellogg have the opportunity to pick up challenging work and greater responsibility (xxx). Maslow theory and Kellogg case study shows that people are motivate by their own needs. In this case, remuneration is just an element use to fulfill the basic…show more content…
Different people react to different motivating factor. Hence, the management has to understand their employee. Although there is not fix set of motivating factors, the management can take the maslow hierarchy of needs as a guide line as people has the tendency to complete the lower level needs then process. Management can provide assist so that indirectly motivated the employee. The social factor that competitive genes is the own motivator. Remuneration is not the only real motivator. Motivating people is an on-going process that has to be monitor closely and make amend according to the situation and people so that can motivate people to their
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