Motivations For Hamlet Research Paper

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There are more things in heaven and earth than you’ve even dreamed of. But now listen to me. No matter how strange I may act you must never let on what happened here tonight. In the book Hamlet by William Shakespeare, Hamlet goes on a journey to avenge his father’s death. In the end,to be killed,but not before he get’s his revenge for his father’s death. During his journey Hamlet’s depression, anger, and his thirst for revenge motivated him to continue on to avenge his father’s death. The first thing that motivates Hamlet is his depression. For example, after King Hamlet’s funeral, Gertrude asks Hamlet to get out of his formal wear and to stop moping about. Hamlet replies “Neither my black clothes, or my heavy sighs, nor any other display of…show more content…
The final thing that motivates Hamlet is his thirst for revenge. For example, when Hamlet sees Fortinbras’s army going to fight over nothing and says to himself “My God! Everything I see shows me how wrong I am and tells me to hurry up and get on with my revenge.” ( Shakespeare 231) In this scene,Hamlet watches Fortinbras’s army march off a boat to go fight over a small piece of Poland that no one really cares about. It is then Hamlet realises that everything he is currently doing is wrong and is telling him to hurry on with his revenge plan. Another example is when we see Claudius praying at a alter and Hamlet behind a pillar debating whether or not to kill Claudius when he says this “So is it really revenge for me if I kill Claudius right when he is confessing his sins in perfect condition for a trip to heaven? No away sword and wait for a better moment to kill him.” (Shakespeare 193) Hamlet does not want Claudius to go to heaven but instead for him to go to hell. But this would have been a good time to kill Claudius because he did not put his thoughts behind his words and as the book says words without thoughts behind them will never make it to Heaven, With clear quotes from the characters, it is clear that depression, anger, and revenge are the three emotions that motivates Hamlet throughout his
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