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Social Work Motivations Motivations are what push people into doing or becoming a better person for themselves. Without motivations some people couldn’t even get out of bed in the morning, let alone completing four years of college or more. The motivations explained in “Merging Personal and Professional Goals,” written by J. Rothman are among some of my many motivations that push me while I pursue a degree in Psychology. One of my motivations are that I want to be able to reach out and help others. I want to be able to do this because I know how it feels to be alone and not have anyone to talk to and I do not want anyone to feel like they are alone, making them feel worse than they already do. Sometimes all it takes is for a friend to sit there…show more content…
Such as, a two people in a relationship; if they are compatible it will work out but if they are not, things tend to take a turn for the worse. In social work or even psychology, we as people must take things into consideration, such as being able to trust people, believe that change is possible and will eventually happen, and having the ability to be flexible. Knowing me as a person, I believe I have what it takes to be compatible as a social worker. According to Elizabeth A. Segal, author of “An introduction to the Profession of Social Work: Becoming a Change Agent (2016),” explains that a social worker is to promote human and community well-being (p.2). I am always or most of the time patient while waiting for change and am willing to trust those no matter what. Regarding diversity at the same time, meeting new people has always been one of my favorite things about just going to school or even my part time job. Being able to meet new people, even though different from me, allows me to learn more and grow as a person. It is an amazing thing to love meeting new people and being open to new ideas. Although, with meeting new people comes talking. At first I can be shy and even a little quiet but eventually open up, which is one of the more difficult things about wanting to be in this field. I must teach myself to not be shy, to be able to just go up to a stranger and say “hello.” That is probably the only difficulty I can think of because all the other qualities and beliefs for being a social worker involves, I agree with them; that I am that type of person. Now teaching myself to change that, I could just learn to take a risk like a person might do if they are afraid of heights; once they see that it’s not as scary as they thought, they fear is practically gone and that’s what I must do: I must just face my fear and realize that when people tell me there’s no reason to be shy or

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