Motive Twist In Crime

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According to Worley the second type of twist is the “reversal of motive” (2014). The following part will introduce what is meant with a motive-twist by means of two movies. The first example is Gone Baby Gone, in which a child with a drug addict mother goes missing (cf. Heerum 2010: 37). Two private detectives provide assistance with the on-going police investigation in order to bring the truth to light. As the plot unfolds, it turns out that the kidnapping was only faked and that the little girl is very well. The police captain is raising the child with his wife giving her a happy alternative than living with her mother (cf. Heerum 2010: 38). This thriller has a very concealed twist; the kidnapping case fabricated by the police captain definitely…show more content…
With hindsight it is intended to facilitate the cleaning after them for later. The second clue is that the husband "picked up an object wrapped in a plaid towel, and placed it between them in the front" (Shapard 1996: 278). Additionally, the wife asks him, if he had brought something for his ears (cf. Shapard 1996: 279). Hearing protections used to be utilized in combination with firearms, so all these details considered it becomes clear that the object of killing is a gun. The last sentence confirms the above statement; it depicts the cranes, which suddenly plunge upward (cf. Shapard 1996: 279) because of the shot. Otherwise, they have not suddenly taken off for any reason. Besides, the couple's dialogue is also full of sings for their plan. For instance, the wife questions whether it is the right thing to do (cf. Shapard 1996: 277) and her husband’s answer is "It's all right. It's enough." (Shapard 1996: 277). He continues: "How old am I, anyway, 130?" (Shapard 1996: 277) as a reply his wife sais that it is her fault, she was only a lot of trouble to everybody by now (cf. Shapard 1996: 277). Moreover, an ironic comment gives also a hint: "Why don't I have my binoculars? He looked at his wife and smiled." (Shapard 1996:
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