Motives For Cyberbullying

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Motives for cyberbullying are usually cruel and illogical. The usual cause for cyberbullying is something the victim cannot change, for example their hair color, height, skin tone, and many other things. Some target examples are: being obese, gay, bi-sexual, transgender, and lesbian. Some victims try and get even with the bully, which is something you do not want to do or it could make matters worse. (“Cyber”) Some people ask, what is cyberbullying? Cyberbullying is bullying between two minors, not adults! If an adult is being bullied online it is not called cyberbullying, only between two minors is it called cyberbullying. This is when a minor will embarrass or threaten another using the internet. Cyberbullying sometimes leads to death;…show more content…
Sometimes the bully will pretend to be someone else, one of the victim friends for example. The bully will spread lies, rumors, pictures of the victim, just to hurt him or her. Eighty-one percent of the people who bully think it is funny, so they continue to do it. (“Frequently”) There are two types of cyberbullying, direct and by proxy. Direct cyberbullying is when the bully sends the message directly to the victim. Being bullied by proxy is when the bully will use others to help cyberbully the victim. Examples of direct bullying is when the bully will send a hateful or threatening message, send pictures through email and text, and impersonation. Example of proxy is when the gets ahold of the victims account and sends hurtful messages to all of their friends. Proxy is the most dangerous types of cyberbullying. (“Stop”) Why do kids cyberbully? There are many reasons why a minor would cyberbully another, for example, the bully could of once been a victim, they want revenge, they were not guided in the proper direction, or they may even think it will solve all of their problems (“Frequently”). Some are angry at the victim or some are just bored and they think it is funny. In some cases it is by accident, the bully accidentally sent something to the wrong person or just did not think before they did it.…show more content…
Cyberbullying is a lot worse than regular bullying because the bully is unknown and it can repeatedly occur in front of an online crowd. Cyberbullying is an awful thing to do, it can ruin someone's life in a split second. If you are ever in a place where you think you are being cyberbullied or any other type of bullying, you need to tell someone. Cyberbullying is not something that will just blow over in a few hours. It might take weeks, months, or years if you do not tell anyone. If your bully can tell you are getting affected by his or her work then he or she will not stop, they will continue to make the situation you are in even worse. Cyberbullying is not a joke, we need to find some way to stop it, for good. Half of American teens are cyberbullied, be that one who stands up and tells someone, do not let it get to you. Motives for cyberbullying are usually dumb, something the victim cannot change, something the victim was born with, her or his looks, personality, clothes she or he wears. Be the one that stands up to your bully and help end cyberbullying.
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