Motocross Injury

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Off-road motorcycling often called motocross is a very popular sport practiced by many people worldwide; despite the fact that this sport is widely popular not much research has been done about the severity and common results of motocross injuries and the necessary prevention. Many people have a passion for riding Dirtbikes and a common injury from motocross is spinal cord injuries and paralysis, and concussions. “Research has shown that 95% of Motocross riders have sustained an injury. In fact injuries are so common in Motocross that riders accept that an injury at some stage is inevitable. Most Motocross injuries occur during a crash or fall. Because of the speed of the bike the resultant forces are high and injuries can be extremely serious. There are numerous reports of fatalities and spinal cord injuries in Motocross riders.” Motocross is a physically demanding high-risk extreme sport that always involves the risk of injury, the most serious of which affect the nervous system so it is extremely important to take the necessary steps and precautions to prevent these types of injuries. All of the evidence so far about head and…show more content…
It only takes one small mistake to crash and get injured. The most severe injuries that can occur while participating in motocross damage the nervous system which includes the brain, vertebral column and spinal cord. 11% of severe motorcycle injuries are spinal cord injuries and 27% are cervical spine injuries. 60% of vertebral injuries resulting in death are cervical injuries, besides head and chest injuries cervical spine injuries result in the most fatalities in motorcycle accidents. These injuries can be devastating and life changing in all aspects. That is why it is extremely important to take precautions and wear the proper safety equipment to prevent these types of

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