Motor Car Problems

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3. The motor car Since the mid-twentieth century the motor cars popularity has increase exponentially, and as the price of owner a car becomes more affordable, the option to own a car or multiple cars becomes more attractive. This is a trend currently being seen in emerging economies such as India and China. (Dargay and Gately, 1999). With the ever increasing number of cars on the roads, existing road networks cannot cope. This has led to many cities around the world having problems with congestion, air pollution and noise pollution. As with most well developed cities around the world, there is little room to keep expanding the existing road network, so cities have had to move away from the idea of building roads just for private cars. Although, according to (Stradling, 2003), “up to 80% of car journeys undertaken daily could be completed using an alternative mode of transport”. But, even with many attractive alternatives in place, it will be hard for any government to reduce people’s reliance on motor cars. Car mitigations In order for large reductions in transport related GHG emissions, a substantial modal shift onto public transport is required (Waterson, 2003). “Policies are required to encourage the shift to other transport modes such as buses, cycling and walking, but will ultimately fail unless significant investment is used to make the alternatives viable and attractive”. (Chapman, 2007) Another method to reduce the number of private cars is to introduce a charge

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