Motor Carrier Industry Case Study

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Part I
(1.) The motor carrier industry is probably the most visible segment of the transportation system in the United States, but in many ways the motor carrier is also the most significant element of the freight transport industry. What factors account for the motor carrier’s visibility and significance?
The factors that account for the motor carrier’s visibility and significance include the fact that carriers are able to ship and receive supplies through the major highways compared to shipping supplies by waterway or rail, it is considered a much faster or convenient way of moving supplies. Saying that it does have some challenges that it’s facing. The ever growing of fuel prices has played a significant role in the motor carrier industry. Probably the most visible change in the industry is all the new regulations covering the industry since the events of 9-11. Motor carriers have faced a lot of challenges with the new treat of acts of terrorism.
(2.) Why does the United States need a national transportation policy? What purpose does it serve?
The United States needs a national transportation policy to set standards for how things are ran on the nation’s highways. In so many words the dos and don’ts of the highway. The national transportation policy cover things like the safety of the American people while on the highways. Also covered in this
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Those modes of transportation include airlines and trucking. Inter-modal is probably the better of the two. Shipping supplies by train not only save time, but it is less costly than motor carriers. The amount of fuel it takes to move supplies by motor carrier is significantly higher than by train. Probably the important point is you can move a whole lot more supplies by
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