Why Do Motorcycle Cops Have Stereotypes

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Every day, millions of people get into their cars, which in return, subjects them into the vulnerable, and quite possible, position of getting pulled over. For many of those who have had to experience the nerve-wracking feeling of getting pulled over by a regular cop, there is only one thing society has made them dread more; getting pulled over by a cop riding a motorcycle. The feelings of hostility and resentfulness towards motorcycle cops are mainly due to the habitually negative misconceptions society has bestowed upon them. Although related, misconceptions are not to be confused with stereotypes. Stereotypes are the truthfully held, yet oversimplified, idea of a particular group of people. Misconceptions are typically formed from stereotypes, however, they …show more content…

I took that one to court and the judge threw it out. Same cop gave me a ticket for not having tail lights - after someone smashed into the back of my car and broke them. Judge threw that one out too.” Many people believe cops are constantly on a power trip and are trying to execute their authority regardless of the situation. It is not false to say that motorcycle cops undoubtedly have a very negative reputation, but why? Psychologically speaking, according to the theory of Negativity Bias, something very negative will generally have more of an impact on a person 's behavior and cognition than something equally emotional but positive. “It’s the bad people that represent something now a days. People are too ignorant to see anything but bad. White people are racist, fat, stupid, and autistic. Black people have short anger fuses. Police are the same. They are thought to be strict, abusive animals that kill black people for fun. Sadly that 's how people interpret things.” lectured Maria Hixon, a blue lives matter

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