Motorized Wheelchair Essay

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Ahlia Sultana Shaik, Anjana Subhash Menon, Binal Jayesh Tejani*, Mohammed Salih

Abstract. The proposed idea of this paper is to design a cost effective motorized wheelchair which can help differently abled people. In this, an electric wheelchair is developed which can be controlled by finger gesture using flex sensors, or voice commands using an HM2007 speech recognition module. The user can switch between both as per his/her convenience. To ensure user’s safety, an obstacle detection feature using ultrasonic sensor is included. Their outputs are given as inputs to the NI myRIO microcontroller, which provides the information to the driver circuit allowing the wheelchair to move in the desired direction.

Keyword. Motorized Wheelchair; Flex Sensor; Speech Recognition Module; Ultrasonic Sensor; NI myRIO microcontroller.


A considerable fraction of the world’s population is suffering from some form of physical disability. These disabilities can be caused by diseases such as muscular dystrophies, acquired brain and spinal injuries, spina bifida, motor neurone disease, etc. Partial or complete
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Through the gift of mobility, they are given an opportunity to become a part of the community. It is estimated that an average of 10 lives are impacted in a positive way with the use of every wheelchair. Our project aims in providing an easier method of locomotion with the help of voice and gesture control. A switching mechanism is provided which gives the user a choice of selecting either of the controls as per the convenience. As a safety measure, an obstacle detection circuit is also provided. This system helps a wide variety of differently abled people. For example, a patient who is paralytic from neck down will find it more useful to use the voice

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