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LITERATURE SURVEY: There were many previous works carried out on smart wheel chair. The goal in developing the automated wheelchair is try to provide the user with the appropriate level of motion assistance that allows them to independently operate a powered wheelchair. These are the few concepts which helped us to get some ideas. Voice and accelerometer controlled wheel chair[1]. They present a module that in which the user can command the wheel chair based on their voice and the accelerometer. This paper describes a wheelchair for physically disabled people developed using voice recognition kit and MEMS motion sensor. Efficient in helping Paraplegic People without putting their…show more content…
By pressing the keypad (buttons) in the device, people with disabilities can move the wheelchair. In this process, the line following algorithm is implemented. To direct the wheelchair, L298 motor driver is used with the help of an ultrasonic obstacle sensor. By pressing a button, an automatic call to the doctor takes place if the PWD needs critical help. The GSM modem is used to forward the call. The LCD shows the basic needs of PWD which is already assigned in the buttons. On pressing the button, a text is displayed in the LCD with a buzzer sound. This device provides a unique mobility for the people with disabilities. Advantages are Overcomes the existing problems like joystick controlled movement and head controlled movement and User friendly. In future the system Enhanced by using GPRS modem instead of the GSM…show more content…
In this paper Controlling .An electric wheelchair via joystick, remains an difficult task for many sensory, motor and cognitive disabilities. To allow these type of patients to move autonomously, many researchers are interested for more than twenty five years to improve the Human-Machine Interface (HMI) in order to develop a wheelchair more safely and comfortable. In this paper, techniques for automatic navigation are developed. An smart wheelchair robotic model is developed to help these type of patients to control the movement of wheelchair in different directions by using voice commands. Advantages is An intelligent wheelchair with voice control, Remote Control, Ultrasound Obstacle Detection System is Developed. Disadvantage of this system is Speed cannot be

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