Motorola Case Study Analysis

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The technology increased and it played vital role to the success of a company in today’s competitive world where large number of industries are ready to snatch the market shares of any company. The business operations and processes are totally dependent on the latest information technology systems. The Motorola has implemented the latest information technology systems to facilitate the flow of information within the offices and all the other business divisions The company is using the latest technology for the development of their mobile products. The networks includes the wireless LAN, wireless broadband networks whereas the latest systems offered by the company includes TETRE, ASTRO 23 Network and SCADA Systems etc. along with the wide…show more content…
It lost several key executives to rivals and the website trusted reviews called the company’s products repetitive and uninnovative. Motorola took off 3,500 workers in January 2008 followed by a further 4,000 job offers in June and another in of its research part. In July 2008, many of executives left Motorola to work on Apple Inc.’s iPhone. The company’s handset division was also put off on offer for sale. Also that month, analyst Mark McKechine from American technology research said that Motorola “would be lucky to fetch $500 million” for selling its handset business. Analyst Richard Windsor said that Motorola might have to pay someone to take the division off the company’s hands, and that Motorola may even exit the handset market altogether. Its global market share has been on the decline; from 18.4% of the market in 2007 the company had a share of just 6.0% by QI 2009, but at last Motorola scored a profit of $26 billion in Q2 and showed an increase of 12% in stocks for the first time after losses in many quarters. During the second quarter of 2010, the company reported a profit of $162 million, which compared very favorably to the $26 million earned for the same period the year before. Its Mobile devices division reported, for the first time in years, earnings of $87…show more content…
Phones from the other wireless producers compared to the Motorola RAZR, compact design and multimedia capabilities. Substitute products in the productivity category have been outselling the Motorola Q. the BlackBerry holds the prominent market position in this class of wireless devices for business use, with the iPhone and devices from other phones like Nokia, Samsung, LG providing same features and services for business and consumers. CONCLUSION Motorola is one of the leading company in mobile phone industry, which is now to decline. Various improvements are needed to rebuild business and it can target the Asian market, where it can get good scope of business. They need to introduce innovative mobile phone at the lowest price to attract huge customers. In the software, new apps should be introduced, so that people can easily find how to use and they can also carry them to daily routine work and enjoy the sound quality of its parts. In order to expand Motorola’s business it should use some techniques of market strategies. The strategies are:  Six sigma qualities  Total cycle time

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