Motorola Case Study Summary

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“Icon Doomed” Motorola, famous amongst mobile phones, and one of the top cellular phone companies in the world till late 1990, later it was captured by the company Nokia. While writing this case we have thrown light on the challenges and problems faced by Motorola around 2006-2007. One of the ideas which was incorporated in order to recapture the market in the year 2006 was to slash the prices of almost all the cell phones which impacted the returns of the company. Motorola did announce in the year 2007 that they will revive shortly and would have the market share back. It also commenced the re-organization of the business and the markets. Although, everyone had a strong belief that company needs a new launch to take it out of the situation however till mid of 2007, they had no products. Additionally, the credibility of the CEO was diminishing and there were speculations that board might go for his replacement too. Eventually, CEO Ed Zander was out of Motorola in 2007 after 4 years of highs and lows. Though he did put efforts for the revival however was blamed for strategic gaffes and product whiffs. Root Causes: Objectives around this case are as follows: » Importance of an Innovation » Assess the reasons faced by a leading mobile company Company Profile The company which was founded in 1928 by Paul and Joseph Galvin. Originally started as the Galvin Manufacturing Corporation (GMC), and having headquarters in Chicago. 'Battery eliminator ' was the first product

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