Mototsu Shiki: A Short Story

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Waking up with his eyes opened slowly. Mototsu Shiki is down on the ground amidst the battle between a girl and a beast. His body cannot move; his chest was stabbed by a glowing sharp rock. His jacket was torn with a beast-like scratch mark and his arms were pierced to the ground. His face was pale as snow with blood coming out of his wounds. The girl 's condition was in a pinch, she is about to get stabbed by the claws of that beast as she struggled to block it with her wooden staff and her magic. He felt like he wanted to help the girl by some means, although he already looked like a corpse. He closes his eyes once again. "I... am... already dead... ... There 's no use helping..." He can 't help the girl. His condition is worse than…show more content…
By the time he looked up to the mirror, he saw the monster in his dreams stabbing him. Quickly, he looked behind and there was no one. It just haunts him. Probably this is because of the 'realistic ' nightmare. Today is Mototsu Shiki 's birthday, 19th of October. His 17th birthday. Shiki kept thinking on how to celebrate his birthday. He can celebrate with his friends, but his attitude of minding one 's business is in the way, which is okay for him either. For that reason, he got no friends, only accomplices and acquaintances is what he sees and what they see, too. By the way, his minding one 's own business attitude was because he kept his attention to his novel. Also, his spatial abilities made him clever in classes because he can multitask his hobbies like listening to his teacher 's discussion carefully while reading his novel under his table. His part-time job is a janitor. Apparently, he can just choose a much decent part-time job like a shopkeeper, or a waiter in a restaurant. All the more reason, he just went with the flow. He still needs to keep in track of his hobbies [reading novels/mangas, watching anime, and playing games]. "Mou~! That 's it! I 'll celebrate

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